Cellphones in class – embrace the dark side.

Last month I got into a discussion with an educator from one of my former high schools. The educator posted a news article from CTVnews about a school in Toronto that decided to ban cell phones from classrooms (http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/toronto-school-bans-cellphones-from-classrooms-1.3295140). The school, after consulting with parents, decided to help students focus on their learning, cell phones … More Cellphones in class – embrace the dark side.

Batman Poetry

For my grade 7 English classes, I struggled with poetry – it certainly is not a subject I enjoyed learning in school and not something with which I am particularly knowledgeable. For the grade 7 level, much of their poetic learning revolves around learning the mechanics of poetry and beginning to explore literary tools. So … More Batman Poetry

Dodgeball History

Goal of this lesson: For grade 10 history, exploring the French-English relationships in Canada from the early 20th century to the present can be daunting, dry, and fairly detached from the class. This lesson seeks to bridge that gap and replicate some of the potential feelings through a rousing game of dodgeball. I ran this … More Dodgeball History