Building Bridges

The chapter of Ayers’ book we were asked to read is titled ‘Building Bridges’ and I think that’s an appropriate sentiment for both the readings this week as well as where I personally am in the course. This metaphor of bridges and building them calls to mind the recent Ontario Retirement Pension Plan “Bridge” TV … More Building Bridges

Classroom Setups – Physical and Atmosphere

The two readings for this week, chapter three of Ayers’ book To Teach (2010) and chapter 3 of Hopkins’ the restorative classroom (2011), discuss classroom environments, though present different aspects of a classroom. Ayers focuses on the physical aspects of a classroom environment, such as the removal of a teacher’s desk to provide room for … More Classroom Setups – Physical and Atmosphere

Digital Portrait

This portrait is an assignment we were tasked to do to give a digital representation of who we are. For me, I believe I am always changing with only my first and middle name as constants (my last name is likely to change when I get married) and so that is why I titled my … More Digital Portrait