• Bachelor of Education, University of Ottawa 2017
    • Intermediate/Senior division, English and History
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences Cum Laude, University of Ottawa 2015
    • Specialization in Political Science, Minor in Philosophy


Glashan Public School, Fall 2016

Grade 7 Gifted Integrated Studies, Grade 7 ETFI, Grade 7 and 8 Drama

  • Worked with an ASD student’s mother on best practices for her daughter which resulted in more focused differentiated instruction
  • Incorporated relevant and recent media trends into a pan-school curricular production
  • Accompanied students in self-reflection in various extra-curricular activities
Rideau High School, School Year 2015-2016

CHV2O, HSC4M, Resource

  • Guided students in process development over product creation
  • Adapted lessons/assessments to individual students’ plans for greater accessibility
  • Established a safe lunch space used by 10 plus at-risk students
  • Invited and welcomed a range of guest speakers to engage students critically considering citizenship
Le Chateau, 2010-2014

Work as a key holder/member of management

  • Welcomed new clients;worked to construct understanding of appropriate fashion choices
  • Ensured a safe space existed for clients/staff to explore and experiment while having fun
  • Listened to the needs of clients/staff and worked collaboratively to ensure goals were met

School Community Involvement

Glashan Public School
  • Led the WE Charity Group
    • Organized the field trip to WE Day 2016 for 30 students
    • Guided students to reach their goals in fundraising and raising awareness
    • Raised $210 through a bake sale for Make a Wish Foundation; raised $150 through candy grams for WE Charity’s Make A Change campaign
    • Emphasized positive messaging during anti-bullying week with unique posters
  • Organized a fundraiser for the Grade 7 Experiences Canada exchange to Terrace, B.C.
    • Raised $600 working with a local Ottawa company
  • Assisted directed the Remembrance Day play
    • Worked with students on their blocking to strengthen their performances
    • Collaborated with students backstage to focus during performances
    • Helped ensure costumes, props etc. were cared for by students in charge of them
  • Worked with students in drama classes on a pan-school Mannequin Challenge production
    • Encouraged students to use their tableau skills in producing a quality production
    • Guided students through their blocking decisions and storytelling
    • Utilized student expertise in editing the final video before posting to YouTube
Rideau High School
  • Assisted with a fundraiser to benefit various areas of the school
    • Established the online presence
    • Arranged monetary and physical donations from companies
    • Reached over $7000 in funds raised
  • Established a lunch safe-space at request of students
    • Introduced students to new people, games
    • Worked with a private company to receive a technology donation
  • Worked with Student Council on a number of their initiatives:
    • Cultural Fashion Show; Student Awards Karaoke Party; Fall Coffee House
  • Created a forum in which students could safely bring issue forward
    • Utilized my ‘Coffee Can of Truth’ to engage students with their exit cards
    • Encouraged students to write a question, comment or concern on their choice

Contribution to a Learning Community

  • Volunteered in classes outside of practicum to expand my experience
    • Worked with LD student to maintain focus in math class and stay as long as possible
    • ESL History: helped, prepared, or ran lessons such as an altered history-dodgeball class
  • Mentored a first year teacher-candidate during practicum at Glashan
    • Encouraged self-reflection and critical reflection on lessons I performed
    • Explained my process and rational while asking for feedback to establish rapport
  • Utilized extra curricular activities as learning opportunities
    • Pushed WE Charity students to utilize language skills to develop action plans
    • Embraced tasking for fundraising as professional opportunities
  • Scribed for an ASD student during exams
    • Maintained a safe space for the student to express feelings
    • Employed a range of tools to help student focus

Professional Learning

  • Spec. Ed., Part One – Completed June 2017
  • Enrolled in Senior Division, Politics
  • SmartBoard Introductory
  • Population Education
  • P.D. at Rideau on IEPs and current changes